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With a lot of technologies out there on the “interweb” seeming to stifle ideas, thoughts and speech, I thought it might be good to put what’s on my mind on a platform that I have more control. Here is my blog.

Andrew Carnegie is quoted, “Put all your eggs in one basket and watch that basket.” If you can’t actually watch the basket you put your eggs in, then maybe you should put them somewhere else. In the case of the social media tech companies, if you put all of your thoughts, ideas, identity etc. on them and then you have no control, maybe you need another place to play.

Welcome to my playground. Best part, I’m willing to share. Just let me know how I can help you share your thoughts, ideas, and we’ll keep the identity to yourself.eggs in one basket over social media icons


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If you want to write something here or learn how to do your own website like this, drop me a note and I’ll be glad to show you how.