My Current Book List

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Notice I didn’t call it a “reading” list…

Here are my current books that I access somewhat frequently. Most have been read to completion, others are new and being read and they are all used as quick reference now.

If you click on one of the icons and go buy the book, I get a little commission, and it doesn’t necessarily cost you any more than clicking to the item in your normal method.

Business Made Simple

by Donald Miller

This is my newest book as of this article. Once again, I am devouring the insights provided by Donal Miller. Each new book is a direction toward a more confident business position.

Marketing Made Simple

by Donald Miller

This is my 2nd book by Donald Miller that I bought and read. The game plan for marketing your business is so straight forward and to me it openly states what a lot of people are thinking. I’ve often wondered why some companies presented their brand the way they do and this book helped me put the puzzle together.

Atomic Habits

by James Clear

I need to make changes. Not major, revolutionary changes, just small changes that can make a big impact. That’s where Atomic Habits comes in. Currently, I’m doing a re-read of this book. If you haven’t read it, I give it a high recommendation.

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