How I Got Started In Magic

performing a birthday party magic show

Two major events that solidified my place in magic occurred in 2000. The T.A.O.M. convention was to be hosted by the Dallas Magic Club, and my church was planning a mission trip to the Czech Republic.

Philippines Vacation 2018

The next almost 2 weeks took us to Camigan, White Island, and finally, Manila, where we stayed overlooking Manila Bay. In the eleven years since my initial visit to Philippines, a lot had changed.

My Current Book List

book shelf of books

Notice I didn’t call it a “reading” list… Here are my current books that I access somewhat frequently. Most have been read to completion, others are new and being read and they are all used as quick reference now. If you click on one of the icons and go buy the book, I get a […]

South Dallas Pound Cake

south dallas pound cake is delicious

… During his time at the “City,” dad made many friends and memories. One friend was a lady who gave dad this very simple lemony pound cake recipe.

We Will Succeed Together

friends working with friends

I’m just going to let the picture preach. It’s easy to complain about our situation. Sometimes we even pride ourselves with having it better than others when in fact we could help both our own situation and that of our neighbor just by helping each other out. Is your friend your accountant? I’m glad I […]

What’s On My Mind

With a lot of technologies out there on the “interweb” seeming to stifle ideas, thoughts and speech, I thought it might be good to put what’s on my mind on a platform that I have more control. Here is my blog. Andrew Carnegie is quoted, “Put all your eggs in one basket and watch that […]

Hello world!

pottery in a kiln after firing

Welcome to Idea-kiln. My mother made ceramics when I was young. She had dozens if not hundreds of plaster molds that she would pour “mud” or “slip” into. As the moisture would leach out of the slip into the mold, it would become thick and create the jar or frame or whatever decor item she […]